Written by BCSS Solutions

Andrew Awoto. CHAIRMAN, Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School.

We would like to recognize the high standard of performance and professionalism set by BCSS™ Construction Solutions in their maiden venture into our project of School Building Construction in the form of providing state-of-the-art Roofing and Ceiling Solution which was done within budget and completed in a stipulated period of time. All project coordination was handled very efficiently and they were very easy to work and communicate with. BCSS™ Construction Solutions is one of the few companies we’ve worked with that completely streamlines the entire construction process for us. They were a pleasure to work with and really proved themselves as construction professionals.
One thing that makes BCSS™ Construction Solutions stand out among the crowd of like-minded companies is their ready assurance to customers and their will to facilitate their clients with joy and satisfaction. Their interior decoration designs are incredible and something to be envious about. And the fact that they do not charge any amount for designing but prove it by their work standards which is really appreciable. I have used several of their services and the only thing that I would repeat is that their professionalism shows in management, quality of work and customer service. They have always been sensitive to our concerns and budget throughout the process. The design capabilities BCSS™ Construction Solutions have brought to bear on our initiatives have saved us financial losses, something we deeply appreciate!
Moreover since the company has home-grown and local professionals, it becomes easier for the people around here including us to deal with them at a more personal level in all fronts like solutions for any problems that may crop up and understanding the problems through local perspectives. This particular fact also ensures that we can rely and put our trust on the company without having to worry about getting duped or landing in any unwanted situations due to distant proximity of the Company’s office which is true in case of companies based in the mainland. For all these reasons, I appreciate and also highly recommend BCSS™ Construction Solutions to anyone desirous of construction within a fixed time frame and tight budget with an eye for beauty of art and design.

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