From the desk of the Managing Director & Proprietor, BCSS™ Construction Solutions


Dear all,

I am more than privileged to share this message. In the first instance, I want to thank God for this opportunity I am having right at this moment which was my childhood dream as a kid. As a young boy like any other boy of my age, I used to dream of doing things that may enlighten my parents & elders. But, that dream I couldn’t achieve in any way alone even after doing a mountain of businesses in different fields and mastered none until my valued clients put their unwavering trust in me and faith in our team that we could make a difference through our dedication, Client-centric attitude and quality workmanship.

I, on behalf of our team would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those  who have contributed to the phenomenal growth of our company. Without the collective support from our esteem clients, suppliers and our staffs, none of our achievements would have been possible.

Established in year 2015, BCSS™ Construction Solutions, gained tremendous accolations from our limited clients initially which was the driving force for us to take our company into a much greater platform to excel by providing uncompromising workmanship & Prompt Customer/Client(s) service. From the very beginning of our establishment till this day, we haven’t looked back ever since though our team faced immeasurable challenges in finance, marketing, staffing and other local issues. All such experiences in such a short period of our establishment has been instrumental in imparting us practical lessons about how to strategize our business plans and cost evaluation in construction business. Our knowledge & Expertise in the construction business enhances rapidly with each passing day and we are always pro-actively open to expanding our knowledge base. We believe “Learning is so Intense and beneficial that you never feel like losing a bit of it”

We are marked for our innovative approach to solve client-end problems as well as maintain our management ethics. This knack for professionally handling impending problems and converting them into solutions has been our tag since our inception into the construction business. We strive to make things/ways easier for our clients to understand their investments in detail and maintain accountability. In-order to make the optimal use of the resources our clients’ provide in their scope of supplies or invest through us, we strictly maintain item-wise accountability of resources, costs, supply and usage during the execution of works thereby assuring our clients of their wise & good returns on investments(ROI).


As being a client-centric company, we create solutions in accordance to our client requirements. Our architects first understand the client’s expectations & requirements and accordingly they design their much anticipated projects and execute them into a real one. Our team, starting from site engineers to technicians, carpenters, masons, painters, fitters, applicators & labourers are well trained & groomed to strictly focus on proper completion of projects within the speculated time frame & budget.


We are also very glad to inform you that we are the first business establishment from the state of Nagaland to attend a BNI Energizers’ (a business networking International) meet on invitation from our esteem suppliers at Gurgaon, India. Now, we are one of the privileged firms originating from the state of Nagaland as a representative business partner with the most prestigious & renowned sports infrastructure, pools & building materials brand manufacturers & suppliers from all over India & abroad.  



Once again, I am humbled & extremely thankful to all our long lasting, existing and prospective clients, well-wishers, outstanding suppliers, transporters, staffs & workers for your business support & prayers that we could bring forth BCSS™ Construction Solutions from a single desk business consultancy sales & services chamber into a full-fledged & growth oriented construction firm originated in the state of Nagaland, India.


God is great! Thanking You!




Kangzang Zeliang

Proprietor/Managing Director

BCSS™ Construction Solutions.